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2019 Editions February Letter from the Publisher

 Here’s some unsolicited advice: If you want some real insight into what’s going on in NELA, read this issue cover to cover.

In our front page crime story, Joel Sappell, a resident of Eagle Rock and former reporter and editor with the L.A. Times, teamed up with the Boulevard Sentinel’s Laura Brady-Allen to cover the break-ins on Colorado Boulevard in Eagle Rock. They captured the voices of the merchants and the cops. They also pored over data, finding some truly startling statistics about property crime on the boulevard.

In the other story on our front page, T.A. Hendrickson tees up what’s at stake in the election on Mar. 5 for District 5 school board member. Then, on pages 8 and 9, we present the candidates, in their own words, and direct you where to look for more information about them.

The two stories are great examples of news and public service. A big thank you to Joel, Laura and T.A. Your bonuses are on the way!

We also keep you up-to-date on ongoing local issues, including the latest on the Southwest Museum, RecycLA and immigration politics that are roiling NELA along with the rest of the nation. (See Udpates, starting on page 4.) And on page 17, there’s a photo essay of the MLK day of service in Tijuana, led by CD1 Councilmember Gil Cedillo. Bill Hendrickson covered the trip for the Boulevard Sentinel, bringing back images, information and a very heavy heart.

In addition to keeping you informed, these pages will give you more than enough ways to stay busy, involved and entertained.  Contributor Wendy Newell helped out this month on a novel idea for our monthly “Picks” feature – we show you how to get behind the scenes of some of the area’s biggest events and attractions. Our regular columnists, Christopher Nyerges and Lani Tunzi, have their ever watchful eyes on NELA’s ever-changing natural and urban landscapes.

And, of course, there are high school sports, beautifully photographed and expertly covered by Dave Abbott of NELA Sports One.

One last thing: I want to say “Happy Birthday” to Eagle Rock resident Doris Thielen, profiled on page 7, who is turning 100 this month. She will be honored at a special tea at the Women’s 20th Century Club on Saturday Feb. 16. She is truly an inspiration.
Correction:Vielka McFarlane, the former chief executive of Celerity Edu-cational Group, a charter school organization will be sentenced on May 13 for conspiring to embezzle public funds. An article in the Jan. 2019 edition of the Boulevard Sentinel stated that the sentencing was set for Jan. 7.
Credit for front page photo of Corey Wilton: Meiko Takechi Arquillos, meikophoto.coms to 2019!

2 thoughts on “Letter from the Publisher

  1. Thank you, ER Boulevard Sentinel and all the writers and staff, who are working hard to report so well the stories and issues that are meaningful to our community. We are lucky to have a local paper growing stronger with each new edition, online and in print, in the face of fake news and Facebook News and everything in-between.

    When I read the essay, “Does Journalism Have A Future?” by Jill Lepore in the January 28, 2019 issue of /The New Yorker/, I felt deep gratitude for the Sentinel and hope that it will continue to aspire and prosper.


    Thank you, again, and best wishes for a 2019 filled with many more stories and news.

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