Letter from the Publisher

2018 Editions Letter from the Publisher October

Is NELA getting more interesting? Or is the Boulevard Sentinel getting more interesting? Or both?

I love this issue and I hope you will, too. Real journalism and great follow up on issues, like the parking-lots-to-housing plan in Lincoln Heights that Bill Hendrickson writes about on the front page. It so common that an issue comes up, and it’s news for a day or a week, and then you never hear how it all turned out. Bill is staying on top of the Lincoln Heights housing issue and so many others.

There’s also some great service journalism here, including a debut article this month by Laura Brady-Allen on public-school magnet programs in NELA (page 7) and an article by Mary Lynch about a program that helps lower income people get help to repair their homes (page 9).

We give some special coverage this month to the Highland Park Independent Film Festival, now in its fifth year. Our “Picks” column on page 12 tells you what will go on each day of the festival. The article on page 12, “For the Love of Film, For the Love of Highland Park,” by Diana Martinez, provides insight you really won’t find elsewhere about what really makes the festival tick.

And Jeffery Marino adds another local luminary to our roster of “Get to Know” profiles this month. She’s Helen Leung, who helps to run L.A. Más, the non-profit urban design firm in Frogtown. We have been doing “Get to Know” every month for over a year now. The range of interesting, caring people in NELA is really something that we can be proud of as a community.

As I was writing this, T.A. (Tracey) Hendrickson said, “I forgot to put a reminder in to tell people to register to vote.” So here it is: The last day to register to vote in the Nov. 6 election is Oct. 22. Go to registertovote.ca.gov.

Enjoy Halloween and Día de los Muertos. Thanks for reading and remember to patronize our advertisers.