Letter from the Publisher

2018 August Editions Letter from the Publisher

Summer is supposed to be a slow time. But as this issue of the Boulevard Sentinel shows, there is really no slowing down in NELA. Either things are happening in the area or things taking place elsewhere affect the area. And it’s not all good. For instance, on page 9, we review the latest information on last month’s tragic shooting at the TJ’s in Silver Lake and the LAPD’s guns-drawn encounter with robbers in the Sprouts parking lot in Eagle Rock.

The guilty plea of NELA’s school member, Ref Rodriguez, to charges that have plagued him for a year has also been big news. In the front page story, T.A. Hendrickson examines a different aspect of the story: how Rodriguez’s resignation from the school board may affect schools in NELA. In our other front page story– on the proposal to build a huge storage facility in Eagle Rock – Bill Hendrickson points out that between the time the proposal became public last January and now, a lot has been going on, including the fast approach of a deadline – mid-August – for the public to weigh in again on the project.

My take: Is a big storage facility at the entry to Eagle Rock really the best that landowners and policymakers can do with a chunk of available real estate? This isn’t just about doing what you want with private property, because the property in question – like all property – comes with zoning rules. And the zoning rules don’t allow a big storage facility. So, it’s a public issue. So, why can’t there by a public process to search out, vet, and  attract businesses or developments that have lots of redeeming value, rather than acting as if a StorQuest facility is the best and highest use of the land?

In the good news department, the Taco Bell in Eagle Rock will soon be getting a long-awaited facelift after which it will reopen for business with new and better building, landscaping and parking features.  And many school buildings in NELA will be in better condition when school starts this month than when summer vacation began a couple of months ago.

People in NELA continue to be interested in urban gardening and in pets. And we report on more things to do in NELA than any one person could possibly get to.

Get out there, get involved, enjoy what’s left of the summer, be good, do good and take could care of the ‘hood.

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