View of Eagle Rock High School from Mt. Fuji

Lani says: Local Trails -Take a Walk

2020 Editions Lani Tunzi March

By Lani Tunzi

The hills framing Eagle Rock are a big part of that ‘small town in a big city’s vibe so many residents love. Viewpoints throughout the area let you take in picturesque views of the community and the distant city skyline. From up high, you can see that we’re not that far from the coast or the boisterous businesses of downtown L.A., but we’re also our own little town.

As someone who has yet to brandish a driver’s license, I’ve spent a lot of time in the hills surrounding Eagle Rock. When my friends and I find ourselves with time on our hands, something innate compels us to climb.

One of the best hikes is Mt. Fuji, the beautiful mountain behind Eagle Rock High, between Yosemite Park and the campus of Occidental College. The mountain is a go-to climb if you’re looking to get your blood-pumping, get in some cross-country practice or take in the almost 360° view of Eagle Rock below. Spring is the best time for Mt. Fuji when its green, grassy hills construct an awesome backdrop that can be seen rising above the high school campus buildings.

Another popular destination, across from Mt. Fuji in Glenoaks Canyon, is the “Sleepy Hollow” trail. Intended as fire roads for Scholl Canyon, Sleepy Hollow is ideal for a cardio workout or taking in the sunset. I love the name, it’s unofficial, a name given by locals for a spot known to locals.

This rolodex of local names includes many other nooks and crannies that have been frequented by Eagle Rock youth for generations, with names like “The Crest,” “The Swing” or “Sunday Spot.” Every batch of teenagers comes up with their own creative names for these neighborhood viewpoints.

Then again, you can also stick to the sidewalks for great excursions. Some of my favorite hilly walks include the surface streets on and around Blue Hill Road, Nolden Street, Hartwick Street or Round Top Drive, to name a few. And you can stick to more frequented landmarks, too: The Eagle Rock Trail is forever tried-and-true.

Happy hiking!

Lani Tunzi is a senior at Eagle Rock High School.

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