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John Jimenez

Why are you running? was born and raised in CD-14.  I’ve seen too many broken promises. I will try to restore those broken promises to fulfill the wishes of the “VOTERS” and to serve my CD 14 constituents with great respect.

Top two issues in CD 14: Affordable housing for seniors and young couples; homelessness. 

How would you address those issues? I would create a dialog “between” the Voters of Eagle Rock to address their concerns and take action to meet their demands. I would meet with the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council to form an alliance with the private business sector to evaluate the needs of both voters and businesses – and the costs to take action. I will do my utmost as their steward on the City Council to ensure and monitor outcomes.  

Metro BRT in Eagle Rock: Do you favor a route on Colorado Blvd. or the 134 Freeway – or are you undecided? f the “Voters” answered ‘on the 134,’ then that’s my answer. 

Scholl Canyon: How would you gain leverage to assert Eagle Rock’s interest in what happens at Scholl Canyon? We are already facing unclean air quality; even those microwave tower antennas that “WE” the people love for our cell phones are already causing Cancers while big Corporations are in denial! I must go with the flow of my “VOTERS,” let us be concerned Citizens!

Would you support Glendale’s proposal to build a biogas plant at Scholl Canyon? I support my “VOTERS” because I am trying to do what other elected representatives failed to do to represent CD 14: What the “VOTERS” want, not what Corporations desire! I am 100% on the “VOTERS” side! 

More info: My experience and education add up to 45 years in the areas of administrating a nonprofit organization with a good track record in Crime Prevention and Intervention, CETA, JPTA, City YO Project For more data, visit Operation Youth Education Services: I am also a part founder of the Boyle Heights Neighborhood Council and a former two-term CIPA-1 Representative on the City of Los Angeles Community Action Agency/Community Action Board.


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