Latest vote tally clarifies election outcomes

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By T.A. Hendrickson

Final tallying of election results in Los Angeles County will not take place until July 1, but the latest update of the primary vote in L.A. County, leaves no doubt as to what comes next in local races.

Here’s the tally as of Tuesday, June 28 at 2:37 p.m.

Los Angeles City Council

Gilbert “Gil” Cedillo, the two-term councilmember for much of Highland Park, Glassell Park and other parts of Council District 1, is poised to lose to  his challenger, Eunisses Hernandez, a policy advocate and community organizer. In the latest update, Hernandez has 54.04% of the primary vote and Cedillo has 45.96%.  

Hernandez has declared victory. Cedillo appears to be awaiting final certification before conceding.

Mitch O’Farrell, the incumbent councilmember for Elysian Valley, Glassell Park, Atwater Village and other parts of CD 13, has fallen further behind his main challenger Hugo Soto-Martinez, a labor organizer. The latest tally in the five-way race shows Soto-Martinez with 40.63% of the vote and O’Farrell with 31.64%.

Since no one candidate has won more than 50% of the primary vote, the top two vote-getters, Soto-Martinez and O’Farrell, will compete in a runoff election to be held in November.

Los Angeles Unified School District

In the race for an open seat to represent NELA’s Board District 2, Rocío Rivas, a policy deputy for LAUSD Board Member Jackie Goldberg and a former president of the Historic Highland Park Neighborhood Council, will compete in a runoff in November against Maria Brenes, an executive of an educational nonprofit active on the Eastside. In the latest tally, Rivas has widened her lead in the four-way race, garnering 44.18% of the vote, compared to 30.46% for Brenes.  

Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

Hilda Solis, the incumbent supervisor for Northeast L.A. and other parts of L.A. County in the 1st Supervisor District, has dominated this five-way race, capturing 75.91% of the vote as of the latest tally.

State Assembly

In state races, the top two vote getters in the primary advance to the general election in November.

In the three-way race for NELA’s Assembly District 52, incumbent Wendy Carrillo will compete in November against challenger Mia Livas Porter. In the latest tally, Carrillo’s lead over Porter has continued to slip, to 49.2% of the primary vote, compared to 38.74% for Porter.

U.S. House of Representatives

In federal races, the top two vote getters in the primary advance to the general election in November.

In Congressional District 34, which includes NELA, incumbent Jimmy Gomez has 50.72% of the primary vote in the latest count, a slightly smaller share than in the previous tally. He will compete in November against David Kim, a lawyer and community activist, whose share of the vote in the three-way race edged up to 39.04% in the latest tally.

Meanwhile, in Glendale…..

Northeast Los Angeles has a stake in the Glendale City Council elections because decisions by Glendale will determine the fate of the Scholl Canyon landfill in the hills above Eagle Rock. Environmentalists in both Glendale and Eagle Rock have staunchly opposed plans by Glendale to build a biogas power plant at the site.

The latest vote tally confirms that two candidates with strong pro-environment views – incumbent Dan Brotman and non-incumbent Elen Asatryan — will claim two of three at-large seats in a race with eight contenders. Brotman currently has 19.06% of the vote and Asatryan has 16.06%. Brotman, Asatryan and Glendale Mayor Ardy Kassakhian will form a three-member majority of environmentalists on the five-member City Council. The third at-large seat will go to incumbent Ara Najarian, who has 14.5% of the vote. Najarian has not generally sided with the environmentalists though he recently showed some flexibility.

Correction: This article was altered to show that the final update of the vote tally was scheduled for July 1. 





T.A. Hendrickson
T.A. Hendrickson, a native of Eagle Rock, is the editor of the Boulevard Sentinel and a former member of the Editorial Board of the New York Times.

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  1. CD 1 is going to absolutely love their candidate elect. A vivacious defend the LAPD proponent and “community advocate”. I can’t blame the residents as “one bill Gil” really messed up a good thing but man …..I am thanking God that Del Leon is my councilperson up here in CD 14 and I’m for his recall. I hope they love this fresh from college no real life experience person they have chosen to lead them. She will be pure entertainment!

    1. De Leon only got 7percent in run for mayor.
      RECALL is next. His pee on FOLLOWERS also. Running around at night removing recall signs.

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