NELA Blue: The electoral map shows that in every precinct in Northeast L.A., the majority of voters went for Biden.

How NELA voted: Biden won big in every NELA precinct; local Democratic candidates clinch other races

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By T.A. Hendrickson

In Northeast Los Angeles, 85% of voters cast their ballots for Joe Biden for President.

That’s a larger margin of victory than in L.A. County as a whole, where 71% of voters went for Biden. It’s also a bigger win than in the state of California, where 64% of voters went for Biden.

In all, NELA voters cast 44,724 votes for Biden and 7,913 for Trump.

The Boulevard Sentinel calculated the local vote tallies from 41 precincts that encompass Northeast L.A.

You can see how your neighborhood voted in this interactive map created by the Los Angeles Times. Each precinct in California is colored in shades of blue (indicating majority support for Biden) or shades of red (indicating majority support for Trump).

All of NELA is blue, showing majority support for Biden in every NELA precinct. But there are shades of difference. NELA ranges from light blue (indicating comparatively weak support for Biden) to dark blue (indicating overwhelming support for Biden).  

The lightest blue precincts in NELA are in Eagle Rock (precincts 9000760A and 900766A), where Trump won 23% and 22% of the vote, respectively. 

The darkest blue precincts in NELA are in Highland Park and Mount Washington, (precincts 1104A and 3937A), where Trump won only 8% and 9% of the vote, respectively.

The areas surrounding NELA are also Biden blue. The nearest Trump-red areas to NELA are in the Tujunga foothill/wash areas north of NELA (encompassing precincts 9005656A, 9007323A and 9002796A) and a trapezoid of majority support for Trump in East Hollywood (precinct 900784A).  

In other 2020 races affecting NELA, Jimmy Gomez won re-election to the U.S. House of Representatives by a margin of 53% to 47%. George Gascón became the L.A. County district attorney, defeating incumbent Jackie Lacey, 53% to 46%. State Assemblymember Wendy Carrillo was unopposed in her bid for another term. Other local politicians with races in 2020, including CD 14 Councilmember Kevin de León and L.A. Unified School Board member Jackie Goldberg won their offices earlier this year when they defeated primary challengers by large enough margins to avoid runoffs in November.

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