Eagle Rocker Helen Steele Pratt, who became President of the California Audubon Society, by the Eagle Rock in the early 20th century | Photo courtesy of the Eagle Rock Valley Historical Society

Honoring Helen Pratt – the Bird Lady of Eagle Rock

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From the Archive: A Bird Lady Who Once Lived in Eagle Rock from Boulevard Sentinel on Vimeo.

Alexandra Epstein
Alexandra A. Epstein is a Los Angeles based filmmaker and journalist. Her focus is at the intersection of film, modern media, human rights, and local stories.

6 thoughts on “Honoring Helen Pratt – the Bird Lady of Eagle Rock

  1. This was so well done and exceptional research. The author should consider networking with the Women’s Twenith Century Club for a presentation and or lecture.

  2. Well done Alexandra. Eagle Rock resident Helen Pratt, who became president of the Audubon Society, in large part has shaped who we are today: environmental conservationists, nature lovers, bird watchers, native plant and tree aficionados. Thank you.

  3. Enjoyed this piece very much! She was probably friends with Harriet Williams Myers, who lived in Garvanza from about 1900 and was secretary of the state Audubon in 1913. She wrote a guide to western birds. These were formidable women.

  4. Where is her home located? I plan to be in the area in late May and I would love to see the property from a street view!

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