From Eagle Rock to West Point: A Cadet Reflects on Veterans Day    

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Elias Manning, an Eagle Rock native in his second year at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, recently shared how Veterans Day is celebrated at The Point: “In the most American way possible — with a weekend of Army football,” he wrote in an email. “Army plays and will beat Lafayette on Saturday, November 10,” he added, referring to the Leopards of Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania. (The ESPN Matchup Predictor also heavily favors Army.)

Before the game, there will be a Parade and Review, in which the Corps of Cadets, in full dress uniform, march in step in front of the assembled military personnel and guests, an audience that includes West Point’s Superintendent, a three-star general, its Commandant, a one-star general, and veterans from throughout the country. 

Mr. Manning and the other cadets will also be on hand to work as ushers and to make sure that the day’s events run smoothly. 

I asked Mr. Manning how being at West Point has shaped his thoughts about Veterans Day. He wrote back:

“When I think of the Veterans I know, such as my Father, Grandfather, Uncles, I think about what calls a person to accept that challenge and sacrifice for a greater cause. For many of us, we can use this day to honor and respect the sacrifice our Veterans have made for us, but also reflect on how we have answered the call for service to our nation and fellow man in any capacity we may have available.