Environmentalists Blast Glendale Water and Power over Scholl Canyon

2019 April Editions Featured Updates

By Bill Hendrickson

The Coalition for Scholl Landfill Alternatives (CSLA), a local group of environmental activists, has issued a press release saying it “strongly suspects” Glendale Water and Power of trying to manipulate an upcoming environmental review at the Scholl Canyon landfill in the hills above Eagle Rock.

The environmental review in question is needed to determine whether GWP can advance a controversial plan to build a biogas plant at Scholl Canyon to burn methane from decaying garbage. The review will include tests that will be used as a baseline to measure the impact of a biogas plant on air quality in communities near the landfill.

CSLA suspects that GWP has been intentionally polluting the air at Scholl Canyon since April, 2018. That is when GWP started flaring methane at Scholl Canyon, rather than piping the gas to the Grayson Power Plant in Glendale as it had done for decades. If the emissions from flaring are used in the environmental review as the air-quality baseline, then building a biogas plant at Scholl Canyon “could be argued to be an improvement,” said CSLA spokesperson Daniel Choi.

CSLA says that its suspicions of GWP have been fed by the way GWP has gone about flaring the methane at Scholl Canyon. The group says that the public was not informed of the flaring. It says it learned of the flaring from an article in December 2018 issue of the Boulevard Sentinel – some seven months after the flaring had begun.

GWP did not respond to the Boulevard Sentinel’s request for comment on the CSLA press release.

Councilmember José Huizar, who has been critical of Glendale’s plans for a biogas project at Scholl Canyon, said through a spokesperson that he supports a full environmental review and hopes that “a thorough analysis will lead to a cleaner project, something safer for our community and for the environment.” He also said that staff members from his office would attend an open meeting in Glendale on April 4 to discuss the scope of the environmental review that GWP must prepare and encouraged Eagle Rock residents to attend as well.

The meeting will be held at Glendale Police Community Room, 131 N. Isabel Street in Glendale. For more information on the meeting, visit: glendalebiogasgeneration.com.

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