EAPD's President, Hans Johnson, addresses concerned residents and L.A. officials about the health hazards coming from the School Dump and calls for Glendale to stop its waste policies at a gathering in August 2014 - the start of 5 years of EAPD advocacy for closing the dump.

Sponsored: EAPD advocacy stops Scholl Canyon expansion

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Community organizing WORKS vs. 60 years of dumping: The end of March this year brings the 60th anniversary of the opening of the polluting #GlendaleDump at #SchollCanyon, at the north end of Figueroa Street.

March 23, 1961, is when dump trucks started climbing the road through the streets of L.A. to dump loads of trash into a pit in the once-pristine ravine near the iconic #EagleRock.

Scholl Canyon Landfill | Photo Roger Wilson/LA Times

It was a foul-smelling, raw deal then for nearby residents. It is even more rotten today. From the start, the profits flowed to Glendale. But the perilous health threats hit neighbors on ALL sides: in Glendale’s Glenoaks Canyon, in west Pasadena, & in Los Angeles communities of Eagle Rock, Highland Park, & Glassell Park.

Because the dump was located on fractured rock, its toxic runoff flows into the water table, as readings from test wells confirm. The federal Environmental Protection Agency no longer permits a dump like this to open.

In 2011, Glendale passed a #ZeroWaste ordinance to end dumping & resulting pollution by 2030.

But in 2014, a few officials inside Glendale government announced a plan to increase the height of the garbage pile by another 180 feet, or about 16 more stories.

This awful jolt jump-started EAPD to engage nearby residents to STOP treatment of our lungs & lives & neighborhoods as expendable, all the more so now when coughing and lung damage from air-quality contaminants put people at added risk to #COVID

After 5 years of advocacy, we WON withdrawal of the dump expansion scheme by Glendale officials in September 2019. 

We have more work to do. And because community organizing works, we know the blueprint to win.

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