Overflow Crowd at the Eagle Rock Plaza Metro meeting | Photo Bill Hendrickson

Eagle Rockers Weigh In on Metro’s Bus Plan for Colorado Boulevard

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By Bill Hendrickson

About 350 Eagle Rockers showed up at the Eagle Rock Plaza today to hear what Metro and their fellow residents had to say about Metro’s plan for Bus Rapid Transit on Colorado Boulevard. 

About 225 were able to find a spot inside the meeting area. The rest had to stand out in the mall. Metro cut its informational presentation short to make more time for audience comments. We counted about 70 people who handed in speaker cards so that they could be called on to speak their comments into the record.

None of the speakers were against the BRT. The big issue was the route. Most of the speakers wanted to register either being “For” running the BRT buses down Colorado or “For” running the BRT on the 134 Freeway. Metro has recommended the Colorado Boulevard route and is proceeding with an environmental impact review of that route.

We did our best to keep a tally – it was hard to hear given the number of people milling in the mall outside the room and because Metro had set the microphone up so that speakers had their backs to the audience. Our tally showed a nearly even split among the speakers, with 30 “For” running the BRT on Colorado Boulevard and 29 “For” putting the BRT on the 134 Freeway.

Another 10 speakers did not register a clear preference. Some called on Metro to study both the Colorado Boulevard route and the 134 Freeway route, so that the public can weigh options. Others called for civility in what was occasionally a raucous atmosphere.

Others said they could support a Colorado Boulevard route only if certain conditions were met, such as  protecting the medians or ensuring that the BRT would not result in zoning changes on the boulevard.

Metro has said it will schedule two more meetings in Eagle Rock in August, though the dates have yet to be set.             

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Bill Hendrickson, MBA, publisher of the Boulevard Sentinel, has extensive small business management, marketing and sales experience in corporate finance and real estate development and plays a not terrible game of golf.

Bill Hendrickson
Bill Hendrickson, MBA, publisher of the Boulevard Sentinel, has extensive small business management, marketing and sales experience in corporate finance and real estate development and plays a not terrible game of golf.

6 thoughts on “Eagle Rockers Weigh In on Metro’s Bus Plan for Colorado Boulevard

  1. While i have long admired the local coversge of the BS and continue to appreciate coversge of this issue and meeting not covered elsewhere i dont know how ignoring the elitist ugly sentiments expressed by so many comports with journalism. I attended this meeting and filled out a comment card rather than a speaker card in support of the BRT on Colorado and more housing as well. Every speaker who supported the BRT on Colorado was booed. Every current bus rider supported the BRT on Colorado knowing it is more convenient and accessible to riders. Unlike others they are not fearful of the increased patronage of local businesses nor of the denser housing which must and will be built in every corner of Los Angelea. Everyone who supported the BRT on the 134 expressed disdain or indifference toward bus riders, and in some cases believed those who don’t ride the bus know what’s best for those who do. Everyone who supported the BRT on the 134 opposed denser housing that is needed from Venice to Eagle Rock. Among the worst speakers was the Marie Antoinette like attitude of one who said ‘Let them use transfers”. Todays bus riders do use transfers and experience the long waits in heat and rain that can be relieved by accessiblw convenient BRT routes. Colorado Blvd. Was built as and will always be a transit and business corridor. Everything changes even Eagle Rock. Too many people think once they move in a neighbirhood will never change. More housing is coming everywhere because it is necessary. I applaud those speakers who embrace the future, envirommental sustainability, and the opportunity to use the development of the BRT on Colorado to remake it according to the community’s vision and to advocate that new housing be more affordable than market rate. I trust that Metro will give priority to the needs of bus riders and its profedsional studies rather than those narrow minded individuals who never ride the bus and always oppose more housing and any change whatsoever

    1. I would ask Metro to not take the opinion of a loud vocal minority seriously. Step back for a second and realize the people who are coming to these meetings are largely white, old and their only desire is to have a red carpet rolled out from their house to wherever their destination may be. They are not interested in more equitable streets or for the future of the community in general.
      Now notice how the advocates for BRT are more diverse. So by just that alone, we should be alerted to the fact that, if you want true equity in your city, you need to promote mass transit.

      It’s interesting that old white people are against a project that would be to their benefit. A transit system that is fun to use for rich people and isn’t just for “dangerous, dirty, poor people” benefits them as well. When you get older, your ability to socialize is reduced and this can be a way for them to be able to interact in their community. Not only that, a lot of these boomers may soon lose their licenses from the mere fact that their eyesight ain’t what it used to be.
      Cities with properly functioning public transit are more economically sustainable and businesses thrive when they are adjacent to a transit line. People avoid being in areas where there is a roar of car noise right next to them.
      There is no argument to be made to prevent the BRT other than selfishness.

  2. Once again, the Boulevard Sentinel does their readers and the residents of Eagle Rock a disservice.

    The 134 route is off the table, and pretending otherwise is inaccurate and unhelpful. Where we are today is Metro is seeking public comments on the the plan. The plan is to have the BRT on Colorado Blvd, so if you have concerns about parking, or the median or any other issues that will impact Colorado — NOW IS THE TIME TO COMMENT.

    Framing this debate as a 134 vs Colorado Blvd is just wrong — and is going to shock people if it continues to be written and discussed in this way.

    Finally, the behavior of the anti-BRT on Colorado crowd at this meeting and in other meetings and forums is shameful and should be called out. This is not neighborly, and it is truly a stain on the reputation of eagle rock. If these people causing such disruptions were not OLD WHITE PEOPLE, then I would expect their comments and behavior would be quickly called out and stopped in real time. But because they look like grandma and grandpa (to some people) we just pretend that this behavior is at all acceptable. Yelling, hissing, booing people while they give their comment is childish behavior that is meant to create the false impression that they are a majority opinion in the neighborhood. They should be ashamed of their behavior and we should not shy away from pointing out who is being respectful, and who is decidedly not.

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