Eagle Rockers Show Up at Events to Help the Homeless

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Two well-attended events to help the homeless were held in Eagle Rock in August. On Aug. 4, the NELA Homeless Coalition organized “Laughs on Tap” – a fundraiser of stand up comedy – at the home of Michael Nogueira, president of the Eagle Rock Chamber of Commerce. “Laughs on Tap” raised more than $3,000 for The Shower of Hope, which provides mobile shower units for the homeless.

On Aug. 6, the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council and The Eagle Rock Association sponsored a community meeting with presentations on homelessness followed by brainstorming on solutions. Over 100 participants broke into groups and generated helpful ideas that are being catalogued by the ERNC and TERA for future discussion. The ideas included how and where to provide portable toilets and showers, how to better engage police and health officials, and how to provide drug rehab, “bridge housing,” and permanent housing.

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