Mark Snyder, great Eagle Rock quarterback from Class of 1975, speaking to the Induction Ceremony attendees about being chosen for induction.

Eagle Rock High School Sports Hall of Fame

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Some of the top athletes in ERHS history joined the ranks of the elite as they were inducted into Eagle Rock High School’s Sports Hall of Fame on Friday evening, Sept. 28. Nearly two hundred alumni and former faculty were in attendance at the event held on the school campus. The inductees were Tom Matheson(W-66) for football and baseball; Janice Fonteno Kolodinski(S-77) all-city Volley ball player; Hugo Mendoza (S-83) for basketball and baseball; and Mark Snyder (S-75) for football and basketball. After the ceremonies many attended their alma mater’s football game and watched their former team rout Torres High School Bulls at the annual homecoming game.

All photos are courtesy of Henk Friezer.