Details finalized for public meeting on Eagle Rock pallet shelter site for the homeless

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By T.A. Hendrickson

Union Station Homeless Services, the nonprofit that will administer Eagle Rock’s pallet shelter community for the homeless, has released details about the upcoming Zoom meeting to discuss the project.

The meeting — on Wednesday, July 14, from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. — will be hosted by Union Station in partnership with City Councilmember Kevin de León (CD 14). If you have not yet registered, you can register for the meeting here. If you have already registered, please note that the start time is 6 p.m. (An earlier registration form gave a 7 p.m. start time.)

Five expert panelists will attend the meeting: Anne Miskey, CEO of Union Station and Shawn Morrissey, Senior Director of Advocacy for Union Station; De León; Ken Craft, CEO of Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission (which will administer the pallet shelter community under construction in Highland Park); and Jane Demian, co-chair of the SELAH Neighborhood Homeless Coalition for Eagle Rock and Highland Park.

The experts will explore who is experiencing homelessness in Eagle Rock and what is being done to address homelessness in the neighborhood; the experts will also take questions from community members, according to a press release from Union Station.

The goal “is to dispel myths and misconceptions about homelessness and promote a culture of inclusion and community in support of housing solutions in the community,” according to the press release.

The plan for a 48-unit pallet shelter community in Eagle Rock — to be located in the overflow parking lot of the Eagle Rock Recreation Center on Figueroa Street — was approved recently by the Department of Recreation and Parks (RAP). The shelters, intended as a temporary bridge to permanent housing, measure 64 square feet and include fold down beds, HVAC, windows, shelves and a locking door. The shelter site also includes facilities for showers, sanitation, laundry and storage, as well as on-site services, including meals and social services to help the occupants transition to permanent housing.

On social media and in the public online meeting that preceded the approval of the Eagle Rock site by RAP, questions that have been raised include the process for selecting occupants for the pallet shelter community, security and maintenance for the site, and procedures to address apparent addiction and mental health problems among the homeless. Questioners have also asked where permanent housing for the homeless will come from so that successful transitions to long-term housing are possible.

In the press release announcing the July 14 meeting, Union Station CEO Miskey said, “We are proud to be part of the efforts in Eagle Rock to address the issue of homelessness in the community. Pallet shelters can be part of the solution to promote a culture of inclusion and community in support of affordable housing solutions.”

De León commented: “As homelessness continues to confront Los Angeles, we are encouraged by neighborhood dialogues that seek community-based solutions. We look forward to providing residents with the honest information they need to support sound projects that will reverse this humanitarian crisis.”

Bill Hendrickson, publisher of the Boulevard Sentinel, has extensive prior marketing and sales experience in corporate finance and real estate development.

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Bill Hendrickson
Bill Hendrickson, publisher of the Boulevard Sentinel, has extensive prior marketing and sales experience in corporate finance and real estate development.

6 thoughts on “Details finalized for public meeting on Eagle Rock pallet shelter site for the homeless

  1. The Highland Park Pallet home discussion was horribly ran. Only one hour for the whole discusess where panelist spent way too much time talking about their success at other locations. That is great but Highland Park residents wanted answers to their questions and reassurances to their concerns but that was not addressed during the meeting. It was done privately after the meeting. Those questions and concerns should have been answered for all to the hear. Also, a lot of the logisitical informations was omitted during the presentation. I did not know there was going to be a sound wall built to shield the homeless from the freeway noise. I heard about that fact on KNX radio.
    de Leon has to do a better job in presentating this plan in Eagle Rock than he did in Highland Park or the residents will fight harder to block this project.

    1. @Ken: I agree with you, though I didn’t attend the HLP meeting. This project is going to happen regardless of any questions or concerns about security or entry criteria raised by a small number of locals. The ERNC is unanimously in favor of it and that’s all the community input or support that’s ever been needed, if it even mattered.

  2. West Eagle Rock…well said. I totally agree w/both you and Mr. Walsh. It’s all been decided, like the bike lanes & soon to be revealed, BRT. They are holding this “meeting” to claim they addressed community concerns, HORSE SH*%! You provide & enable unwanted/dangerous behaviour, you bring in more…simple mathematics but most of all, common sense. It’s sad the community is not truly represented by our elected officials. No wonder all the recall efforts. Come on people, do your homework & get it right the 1st time. #recallGavinNewsome #recallGeorgeGascon #recallK????D?L???
    HMMMM, I’ve already signed the first two petitions.

  3. Agree on all comments. The so called council does whatever they want. Really it’s just a bunch of out of touch ppl rolling their eyes at all comments. They don’t give a rats—. They think they are OZ. Recall NEWSOM. The spinless mayor is gone and he’s replacement is all in on cramming more ppl in area. Build n ruin what space of wildlife is left. Eagle rocks so called council is a sorry joke. I’m against the pallet houses. Bfd that Dr Leon spent the night in them. ?? How many security guards where on site.?? Recall Dr Leon. Stop making the rules as u go. It’s time Eagle Rock n highland Park says NO WAY.
    Screw the new Colorado blvd. This is not fair or wanted. City let out a lot of ppl from jail bc they were getting sick. Collect n put the homeless in their place. In jail. Lived here all my life n I’m discussed at what it has become. The homeless rock. What moron thinks these house will change anything. BTW have email Dr Leon’s office the city office the mayor over 15 times. Never get any reply. Not even oh we didn’t know that lie.

  4. Aj,
    I laughed when he bragged he spent the night in one of the pallet homes the night before the groud breaking in Highland Park. He spent the night before anyone was asigned a home. No homeless were housed yet at the facility. I dare him to spend the night after they fill the facility…if that ever happens. So called “Experts” believe if you build it, “they” will come…You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink!

  5. What a joke my hometown is getting to be. Are these pallet shelters going to force the homeless living under the two bridges to live there, or are we inviting more homeless. The city of Glendale will probably send what little homeless they have over there.

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