Democratic Infighting, Resolved for Now

2019 Editions June Updates

By K.D. Dunleavy

An intraparty feud among local Democratic groups has come to a can’t-please-everyone kind of resolution.

The dispute began in late January, when Democrats in State Assembly District 51, which includes Northeast Los Angeles, voted to select 14 delegates to the California Democratic Party convention in Sacramento from May 31 to June 2.

One of the candidates who lost challenged the election outcome, saying that ballots had been cast by people who were not registered Democrats or not registered in Assembly District 51. The challenge was upheld by the party’s Compliance Review Commission, which vacated 10 of the 14 victories and called for a new election.

In the new election, on April 27, six of the original winners lost. All six had run on the slate of the Working Progressives group. All of the new winners were on the slate of the United Progressive Democrats group.

The final tally of 14 delegates included four from the Working Progressives and 10 from the United Progressive Democrats. The Working Progressive delegates are Jamie Tijerina, Mike Fong, Juan Carlos Cruz and Vincent Gonzalez-Reyes, Jr. The delegates from the United Progressive Democrats are Eileen Hatrick, Jessica Craven, Cecilia Dominguez, Rocio Rivas, Christine Louise Mills, Angelica Lopez Moyes, Christopher Arellano, Jason Berlin, Drew Dillon and Dennis Martinez.