Creating Extraordinary Realities with Carolyn Caswell, MFT, M. Msc.

2020 August Business


Dear Readers, 

This month, we’re going to Look Into an often misunderstood word, “Apocalypse” and address the questions: “What is the Apocalypse?, “Are we in the ‘Time of the Apocalypse’ now?” And if so, what will happen to us?

The word Apocalypse is often popularly used in the Biblical context of “the End of the World” and ” a War in Heaven,” where the forces of Light at last overcome the forces of Darkness, but not before wreaking havoc over the face of the earth, to the extent that “unless those days were shortened no flesh would be saved. ”

Sounds truly dire , doesn’t it? And I don’t doubt that there are forces that delight in scaring us in order to control us and literally “feed upon” our fear; however, the true derivation of the word “Apocalypse” comes from the Greek word Apocalypsis, meaning “Revelation,” a time of unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and that could not be known without the unveiling. It does not mean The End of the World, but The End of an Age or Aeon, with its worn out, dysfunctional ways and The Beginning of a New World, A New, Advancing Civilization.

This is the year 2020, the year of “perfect sight,” if you will. Also 20 plus 20 equals the number 40, a number appearing in the Holy Bible and other Timeless Wisdom Texts as a “Time of Testing,” “A Period of Trials & Cleansing” or “Wandering in the Desert of Confusion” prior to “Entering The Promised Land.”

All of these things seem to me like “The Time of The Dividing of the Ways,” to determine who will Choose To Survive in order to enjoy Alpha or New Earth or “The Promised Land.”

Now the collective mass mind. tends to think in terms of an Omnipotent God Who does the Choosing; We are to be “Chosen” or alternatively “culled” like cattle who are old and ” unfit.” Timeless Wisdom says it is WE who CHOOSE to survive and to thrive or to “go the way of all flesh. ” WE CHOOSE and this is a Time of OUR Choosing.

Now we might ask the question, “Why would anyone choose NOT to survive? Doesn’t everyone want to survive and to thrive? Of course, logically, the answer has to be NO, otherwise ALL would survive! For some, Death (of the physical vehicle) is NOT the enemy!

Such as we are now, Death is a blessing for those who are tired of the rigors of physical life, whose bodies are worn out, who can no longer “keep up” with changes or make sense of what’s happening or continue to believe in a meaningful, productive future. For some, stepping out of a pained, failing physical vehicle into the blissful state of Devachan– the Greater Reality of their most cherished dreams unfolding– is a great relief and a reward for hard work!

For others, The Promised Land or New Earth might just become a hell on Earth: For those whose delight is in gaining and misusing power over “others,” who greedily hoard knowledge and advantages, “earning” vast wealth on the backs of the poor, uneducated and disenfranchised; who need to have all the latest conveniences and bigger, better technological toys, no matter what toll it takes on our physical bodies and environment; for those who are filled with hatred for “others” who are ” not OUR color or kind , or socioeconomic class, or religion,“for those who love to beat “others,” who love winners and hate losers, and for those who don’t want to apply themselves to the serious work of earning Citizenship in the advanced, New Earth Civilization, the materialization of the Promised Land can feel very threatening, frightening and overwhelming indeed. For these Souls; seeing clearly that their cherished “values” are being rejected by the New, Conscious Collective and that it is now THEY who are considered “the poor” (morally bankrupt) These will Choose (consciously or sub-consciously) to go off-world in great numbers, “waking up” in a place that is more comfortable FOR THEM, to continue activities which will, in due time, lead to their spiritual growth– for the Timeless Wisdom assures us that ALL Will Be Victorious! “ALL will win in The End! (For we are All ONE). If it doesn’t appear that ALL are winning, then we may be certain it is NOT, as yet, The End.” –Timeless Wisdom.

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