Creating Extraordinary Realities with Carolyn Caswell, MFT, M. Msc. – September 2020

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Dear Readers, 

We’ve been looking into the idea that we are creating our Life Stories by the way we choose to interpret our life events, as we narrate these stories to ourselves and others. Since there are many choices in every situation, as our perceptions open, we literally See more choices and thus have a better chance of creating more beautiful, Extraordinary Realities rather than painful, dead-end ones.

You may have had the uncomfortable (even shocking) experience of firmly believing that an event happened in a particular way, only to discover that several other witnesses perceived it quite differently! The differences in perception might have been due to additional information or understanding that wasn’t apparent at the time. If this has happened, you have experienced the fact of many realities co-existing at the same time and in the same place. This is precisely what is happening to each of us within our own experiences of The Covid-19 Pandemic.

Some of us might have come to the logical conclusion, then, that since WE are the creators of our own realities (according to the Timeless Wisdom) we can simply deny the physical reality of Covid-19 and thus escape the consequences of its physical manifestations. This is the “magical thinking” demonstrated by our President, who apparently believes that he can shape our collective reality merely by repeating “facts” as he sees them or wishes them to be. Perhaps he truly believes that he can deny and thus destroy Covid-19 through positive thinking for the benefit of the whole…or himself and his supporters. But remember, Timeless Wisdom says we can influence physical reality only up to a certain point.  This Universe has a Moral Order.

Here’s Why Positive Thinking Alone Will Not Destroy Covid-19

In this material, dualistic world, for everything that is True (by virtue of being based upon Natural and Universal Laws) there is also something that appears identical, but is false. There are always two, alternating poles of apparent opposites in this world. For example, In the Holy Bible we find this opposition demonstrated by two Life Examples. The first Example is of  “The Three Magi” or “Wise Ones” who attended the birth of The Christ Child bearing gifts, and also, in contrast, we are shown the Example of Simon Magus, the false magician of illusion, who by continually living an illusion, tragically began to believe his own hype. He jumped off a high tower truly convinced he could “fly,” falling to his death. For the discerning, there is an important lesson here: There is the magic of allure and illusion which is false because it is not founded upon Natural, Divine Laws, but upon mis-direction.  Believe in and follow these *illusionists to your peril and perhaps the peril of those you love. (*I’m not referring to “stage magicians,” who mis-direct for delight and entertainment purposes only).

We may wonder, “How is one to tell the difference between the magicians of illusion and misdirection– Masters of the Lie– and the Holy Magi, Masters of the Sacred Angelic Magic?

Timeless Wisdom has the answer for us in the form of a Golden Key or Formula: It is called The Law of ONE, as expressed by the motto on the Great Seal of our country, “E Pluribus Unum” meaning “From the Many, ONE.” The Timeless Wisdom says, we could also express this Great Formula in reverse, as “From ONE, the Many. ”

The Masters and Adepti of Sacred Magic–The Magistand out in bold contrast from the illusionists for they are ever selflessly working behind the scenes for the GOOD of THE WHOLE, The GOOD OF ALL. They Love rather than Hate; Unite rather than separate; Create Peace rather than strife; Solutions rather than problems; Include rather than exclude.

Covid-19 is not a human phenomenon nor a strictly “physical one.” Covid-19 originates in the Greater Reality of Causes. The Law of ONE  is the Law of this Aeon and all who try to circumvent it, evade it, or erase it will, themselves, be effaced. And that is why positive thinking alone or denial, will not work. We must Learn the Lesson of Sister and Brotherhood or perish.

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  1. Really enjoy reading Carolyn Caswell’s writings because it makes me think and see things from a different perspective. Helps me continue to broaden my horizons. There is so much to learn!

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