Creating Extraordinary Realities with Carolyn Caswell, MFT, M. Msc. – October 2020

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Dear Readers, 

The Masters of my Wisdom Lineage request that I share with you now a Prophecy that came through to me several years ago. Prior to my doing so, however, They also request that I clarify that Prophecy is NOT Prediction! A Prediction is based upon a series of Causes and Effects that will, irrevocably, result in one or more Outcomes that can no longer be prevented. A Prophecy is a Warning, issued with Love– not to arouse FEAR– but ACTION, to offer A WAY to TAKE ACTION in order to circumvent less than optimum– or even disastrous Outcomes.

Shema! Hear Now The Prophecy offered in the Spirit of Unum, Oneness, for The Good of ALL:

“The Wolf Arrives at The Door.”

“The Wolf Enters.”

“The Wolf Seeks to Bar The Light from Entering.”

“The Wolf is Allowed to Guard The Sheep.”

“Confusion, Strife, Division, Misery & Poverty Soon Follow.”

“The Sheep Are Widely Scattered.”

“Soon, There Will Be NO Sheep, for The Wolf is NOT a Shepherd.”

Know The Wolf By These 7 Signs:

1. “It is inhumane. It has a cold and calculating heart.”

2. “Therefore, The Wolf cannot Love, for it is barren. It cannot sustain prosperity, for its Consciousness is Scarcity, though it may flaunt great wealth, given to show spectacle and pomp. It cannot nurture or grow things because it is greedy, taking for Itself the Food that would feed and sustain The Sheep, even unto devouring The Sheep at the End.”

3.”The Wolf seeks to deprive ‘others’ of their just due, for It has created a world of constant struggle and competition for scarce resources and consequently finds Itself in a perpetual state of Fear, always craving MORE, MORE, MORE– as it is unable to experience the deep Fulfillment and Divine Prosperity of those who Love and Share.”

4. “The Wolf greatly fears and hates The Light, for The Light exposes It’s activities and injures the pride of It’s false heart.”

5. “The Wolf is NOT inclusive. The Wolf thrives on,  its FOOD is: Power, Superiority, Exclusivity, Praise, Position, and above all CONTROL– of ‘others’ rather than of self.”

6. “The Wolf is Ravening; is intensely envious of the accomplishments, talents, and prosperity of ‘others.’ It cannot endure hearing ‘others’ receive the praise it craves and feels exclusively entitled to.”

7. “The Wolf mocks, devalues and depreciates The Light.”

Dear One:

“Know that The Wolf and The Light are not Persons, but Living Potentials within ALL Persons! See that YOU do not Feed The Wolf in yourself and take-on the responsibility of shining The Light when observing The Wolf at Work among the People.”

Now is the Time to ACT, Stand in the Light and Speak Up!

Fear Not. All is Well. Take heart–The Light Prevails and is Victorious!”

–End of Transmission–

I respectfully ask those of us who choose to do so, to pause and reflect for a moment. Ask Within for the meaning of this Prophecy in your life and in your world. Ask yourself, “Is there something I can and must do to help insure that the Wolf is not allowed to devour ALL in The End? What is My Task, My Role, My Mission in this Time and Place?

When YOUR answer comes, please ACT upon it–in Love and Trust–not in fear, hatred, desperation or fanaticism. Three years ago, those who call themselves “The People From the Future” told me that in the year 2020 we would “Enter into The Time of The Great Heroes.” Today, after Covid, I understand now that they were speaking literally rather than mythopoetically. We are and must be Heroes and Heroines–and together, in Oneness, we can still CHOOSE to co-create a beautiful New Earth! It is NOT AS YET too late.

Thank you for your kind attention to this Work and May You and Yours Dwell in Safety & Security! Shalom (Peace, Health, Prosperity and Wholeness Be unto You).

Terrace Knoll
Wisdom & Wellness Center
757 Terrace 49 / (323) 793-4058
Terrace Knoll Center is now closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.



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