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Dear Readers, 

As I write this in mid-October for publication in November, we have just moved past Autumnal Equinox (in the Northern Hemisphere) with the Great Wheel of the Year now moving into The Dark Half of the Year, in the Cardinal Direction ofThe West (symbolically The Past) and The Element of Water (symbolically, Emotions). This is the Time of  “The Tide of Formulation” (Formulating Plans for The Future). This is the Time of Year when– collectively we enter into the best time to experience “The Journey to Inner Wisdom”.  Timeless Wisdom tells us that this particular part of our Yearly Journey will last until the next movement of the Great Wheel at Winter Solstice. The Cycles overlap a bit, making a gradual, graceful change (usually!)

Now is the Best Time for: Inner Knowing, Self-Knowledge, Dreams, Emotions, Feelings, Introspection, Silence, Healing, Balancing of the Active and Receptive Energies, Deep  Work in the Psyche, Spiritual Retreat & Renewal, and HIBERNATION (Cocooning–Resting, Dreaming and Sleeping MORE). It is the best time for Formulating Seed Thoughts to be “planted” in your Garden Within, so they can be Cosmically “Quickened” starting at The Winter Solstice and continuing into Spring Equinox, to materialize as YOUR Reality in the Spring of 2021–“flowers pushing up through The Ground.”

 Some of us may feel a conscious desire to access our own Inner Wisdom, but where to begin? To get us started, I’d like to share a meditation “From the Desk of David Goddard (author of A Tower of Alchemy, Sacred Magic of the Angels, Tree of Sapphires & one of my Mentors).

The Garden of Your Soul

The garden of your soul is that sacred place which is always with you–wherever you go.

It is the growing part of you.

It is the place of your creativity and nourishment.

In it grow your dreams for tomorrow. In it live your memories of yesterday.

Yet too often you neglect the garden. Which is sad because, when properly cultivated, amazing things could happen.

So right now–let us picture our garden (no second-guessing!) just as it spontaneously appears.

Examine it–Is it arid and dry? Is it overgrown and tangled? Is it barren? Hmmm, what shall we do?

First, let’s make some room.

Prune your garden with the ‘Secateurs of Discernment.’

Cut back the overgrown areas, making room for new, healthy growth.

Gather up unacknowledged feelings with the ‘Rake of Insight’ and rake them onto the compost heap, so that their recycled energy becomes fertile mulch.

Then, with the ‘Spade of Determination’ break up any hard soil; and then using the ‘Hoe of Hope’ make it ready for planting.

Next, dig in the mulch, then thoroughly water the garden from the ‘Hosepipe of Compassion.’

Each time you visit your soul’s garden something new will be growing there. Perhaps some ‘Violets of Inner Peace;’ an ‘Apple Tree of Joy;’ ‘Roses of Love;’ ‘Lilies of Serenity;’ or an ‘Oak of Strength.’

And you can withdraw into this serene haven whenever the demands of the outer world are too noisy.

As you become more skillful at this, you can then plant the ‘seeds’ of anything you want to cultivate.

Because you see, whatever grows in your soul will always come to harvest in your life.”     

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