Creating Extraordinary Realities with Carolyn Caswell, MFT, M. Msc. – January 2021

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Dear Readers, 

This is the continuing Story of a whole new Civilization being born and of the New Humans, some of us right here in Highland Park, helping to co-create it.

How It Began Here in Highland Park: In 2016 an invitation to a free Dinner Meetup at Coco’s Restaurant was issued to the residents of Highland Park and surrounding areas through the Boulevard Sentinel. The original idea was that a Monthly Meetup would serve as a vehicle for my PhD research project, however I didn’t expect the same participants to keep coming back each month, wanting to hear the same 20 minute talk again and eagerly pressing for more information along the lines of transformational changes taking place within our environment and ourselves.

 So from the first gathering of 5 persons, there developed a core group of about 25-30 people with others coming and going. Together, as we were getting to know one another over dinner, we created a safe place to “talk about weird stuff;” to explore and study the changes we were noticing within ourselves, the planet and the universe without fear of judgment, ridicule or rejection.

We began to understand that something profound was happening, yet many of the people around us seemed oblivious, carrying on as usual.  In the meantime, we were experiencing odd dreams,  reality shifts and even some physical symptoms that left our doctors puzzled.

 Here are some of the more common symptoms we shared:

 Unusual Dreams: Themes of Worldwide Cataclysms, Otherworldly Visitors, Attending University Lectures with Unusual Subjects like Interdimensional Travel, Ascension, Immortality, How To Communicate with Off-Worlders.

 Sleep Cycle Disturbances: Needing Substantially More or Less Sleep Than Usual; Waking up out of a sound sleep at a particular time every night, usually between the hours of 2-4 am.

 Unusual Sounds: Repeating Tones, Buzzing Sounds, Bell Sounds, A Low Hum.

 Unusual Sights: Seeing Light and Colors Around people and objects; Seeing Strange Objects or Aircraft in the sky; Seeing Ghosts, Dead Ancestors, Angels, Spirits; Waking Visions With Messages; Repeating Numbers appearing everywhere and other Meaningful Coincidences (called Synchronicities). The Opening of the 3rd Eye & Viewing Other Realities.

Physical Symptoms: Transient, brief episodes of Dizziness, Confusion, Pressure in the Head; Sensation of Ants crawling in the Area of the Third Eye, Awareness of an increasing Flow of Energy in the body, or Energetic Blocks in the Body. These are a just a few of the many phenomena we experienced and shared.

Then, researching the internet, we began to discover that, all over the world, there were people experiencing many of the same phenomena. And there were other people researching and writing about world changes, New Earth and the New Humans.

 We realized that we shared many traits in common with the New Humans:

Love of People, Animals, Plants, the Earth, the Environment.
Feelings of Unity & Empathy With All Life
Feeling of being a World Citizen, Multicultural, Multinational
A Sense of Mission and Responsibility to Serve ALL
Love of Cooperation, Mutual Care, Philanthropy, Generosity
Desire for Social Justice, Universal Healthcare & Education
The Desire To Live in Harmony With Universal Laws and Principles
The Ability To Take Personal Responsibility for One’s Actions
The Development of an Ethical Code Informing All Actions
A Commitment to Lifelong Learning & Personal Growth
The Ability to Observe Closely, To Reason from Causes to Effects
and from Effects to Underlying Causes.
The Unfoldment of Extended (not “extra”) Sensory Perceptions
The Operation of an Inner Guidance System, Intuition

Next month, right here, we’re going to get a glimpse into our Collective Future through the eyes of Seers, Prophets, Futurists. We will share some of the New Earth Innovations coming in the next few years! We hope you will be encouraged and heartened as we welcome 2021!

Until then, here’s a Moving Meditation you might find interesting whether or not you believe yourself to be a New Human: For the next month, see if you can remember to regularly visualize a Sparkling Flame of Light Within the Heart of every person you meet, no matter their outer appearance. That’s it. As you make eye contact with other people, just for a moment, hold the idea in mind that there is a Flame in the Heart. You may notice some interesting results–at least from the people who are awake and alert.


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