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Dear Readers, 

This is the continuing Story of a whole new Civilization being born right here, right now, on Earth; and of the **New Humans that are helping co-create it.

To continue our Story, a core group of **Open-Hearted, Open-Minded Neighbors filled with **Good Will Toward All, began to meet monthly at Coco’s Restaurant on York Blvd in Highland Park. We wanted to explore the mysterious phenomena happening within us and around us in a “safe place,” free of judgment, ridicule, or rejection. We didn’t want to have to join something formally, be subjected to pressure to conform, or feel that we had to adopt certain beliefs in order to “belong.” We wanted to be able to listen to our own Inner Integrity & Wisdom. We Knew that if we succeeded in co-creating a loving, accepting gathering, that we would attract those with great courage, who could “see through” ideological divisions and separations of all kinds in the forms of narrow-mindedness, racism, sexism, dogmatism,  every type of fanaticism, hatred, greed, lust for power, selfishness etc.

And, happily, because we Intended for this to happen– for the Good of All– it came True for us.

Most of us had no idea that we were, in fact, being drawn together as part of a Greater Reality, to become working members of an Extraordinary Plan that has been unfolding down through the ages to benefit and uplift Collective Humanity; that just by  “showing up,” we were signaling to Universal Intelligences our readiness to receive advance notice regarding great changes coming on Earth, in the Cosmos, and Within Ourselves! We were being prepared, not only to confront and survive these changes (eco-changes, disasters, pandemics, etc) but to Offer Service and Hope to our communities as well as to support the planetary energies in a Time of Great Change & Transition. We were to become “Anchor Guardians,” Peaceful Co-Creators of “New Earth,” a whole, new Civilization!”

For the next four years (until February of 2020, when we stopped meeting publicly due to Covid-19) we gathered several times a week to participate in and/or provide New Earth Skills Training designed to assist one another to access our own internal Wisdom and perfectly natural, but extended sensory perceptions to assure our safety and survival. We offered free classes and events to Highland Park and surrounding communities. Our events were filled to capacity, our numbers consistently growing; we expanded our facilities downstairs adding a community kitchen, restroom, and two classroom/meeting spaces. Then Covid hit. We stopped gathering publicly, but we’re still here, still meeting regularly on Zoom.

So every month, right here, we’re going to share with you some of the astounding adventures and information we gathered as a result of our Explorations into the Unknown. We ask you to believe only that which resonates Within as True For You, At This Time. We merely present coming probabilities in the hope that those keeping Open Minds and Hearts will be Forewarned and Prepared for some of the marvelous & astonishing shifts in consensus reality coming SOON! Things are shifting rapidly!

Remember back when the FDA said a vaccine could not be rolled out right away, then pretty quickly– much sooner than expected– we had not one, but two and possibly three? We, the People of Earth, are being given assistance in this time of rapid change and expansion in awareness. We are being helped for the reason that what we do affects, not only Earth, but our entire Universe! Our survival is essential to the Whole.

In July of 2019, our Meetup reviewed the book, Pleiadian Prophecies 2020 by James Carwin; material “received” by him in 2014, published in 2016.To be honest, everything we were reading sounded just too fantastic, especially that things could progress so quickly! Then Covid-19 hit and suddenly, we were watching some elements of the Prophecy come true, for example:

“In the years 2017 and 2018 you will see a reduction in the authoritative power of government officials. There will be great political scandals and governmental exposure between 2016 and 2019. Gradually between 2017 and 2022, humanity will begin to establish social and political systems that are based on true democracy. In other words, the voice of the people will be heard and the heart of people will be served.”

“The prison systems will see a significant decline in the number of inmates. We perceive an approximation of a 25% drop in inmate count around 2020, a 60% drop in 2025…(it gets better, but space is limited).

Look us up next month for MORE information and Prophecies of a coming “Golden Age. Stay Well. Stay Safe. Stay Focused in Love, Peace, & Good Will Toward All.


Terrace Knoll
Wisdom & Wellness Center
757 Terrace 49 / (323) 793-4058
(Terrace Knoll Center is now closed due to the Covid-19 Pandemic).

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