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CORONAVIRUS: Covid Testing Follows the Money in L.A.

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Observation from the Editor’s Desk:

As COVID-19 has spread, one big issue has been the relative ease of getting a test if you’re rich.

Look at the stats in L.A. County: The highest number of confirmed COVID-19 cases by community is in Brentwood, with 23 confirmed cases, followed by West Hollywood, with 19. 

By contrast, 44 of the 108 communities on the county’s list have only one case apiece, including Eagle Rock and Echo Park, while 17 communities show two cases apiece, including East L.A.

To drill down:

Brentwood, with a population of about 32,000, is 84% white with a median income $113,000, according to the Mapping L.A. database of the L.A. Times. East L.A., with a population of 126,000, is 1.7% white and 97% Latino with a median income of $39,000. 

With a smaller, less dense and more affluent population, Brentwood would seem at lower risk than East L.A. But Brentwood has 18 confirmed cases and East L.A. has one.

Test or no test, wherever you are, stay inside, stay safe.

This post was updated at 3:44 p.m. with the latest data from the health department released on March 22.


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