Image: Smudge Ink

The reality of the rom-com

By Genevieve Deetsch

For decades, citizens all over the world have fallen in love alongside characters played by Jennifer Garner, Hugh Grant, Julia Roberts, and Sandra Bullock. We have watched, laughed, and cried to some of our favorite characters spilling coffee onto a stranger’s plain white shirt. Since these characters are filled with quirks and flaws, why is it so difficult to find yourself in these films? Give Genevieve two minutes to tell you. Click for answers.

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Art by Alfonso Marone

How streaming services have changed the way we listen to music

By Alfonso Marone

Today streaming services provide the most convenient way to listing to music. Alfonso Marone will tell you why that is so and how we got to this technology from the intro of the Sony Walkman back in 1979. It’s an interesting journey you can take in about a 5 minute read.

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