Creating Extraordinary Realities with Carolyn Caswell, MFT, M. Msc.

2020 April Business


Last month, we looked into the idea that while we may not control  events  in  life, we can choose our perceptions of them . (For example, An event happens (**Say, Covid-19). For some people it is perceived as a disaster, others experience it as a rousing challenge to be survived or conquered, still others choose to discover hidden opportunities or benefits in it.

We interpret our life experiences, making us creative Story Tellers! Just below the surface of conscious awareness, is a constant flow of living images and a “story” being told every single time something happens. We may sometimes become conscious of narrating it, but mostly, our energy gets absorbed in meeting the challenges of everyday life.

There is book entitled, The Seven Basic Plots: Why We Tell Stories by Christopher Booker. The Seven Basic Stories are: Overcoming the Monster, Rags to Riches (Or Enrichment) The Quest, Voyage & Return, Comedy, Tragedy, and Rebirth.

We tell stories to ourselves because there is Something within us that needs to make sense of what is happening and our leaders tell stories to control our collective narrative or “his-story.” So we tell stories about what is happening, casting ourselves (usually) as Heroes/Heroines and our “enemies” as Worthy Opponents, Challenging Adversaries or Evil Villains; adding zest, obstacles and interest to daily life. And our leaders: governmental, thought and opinion leaders, religious leaders and social influencers go to work spinning narratives that they hope will assist us, control us or benefit themselves , and that often profoundly affect our lives and our realities. It is vitally important that we continue to Question Reality for ourselves and to remain At Cause by taking personal responsibility to Narrate our OWN LIFE STORIES, and Create our Own, Extraordinary Realities.

What kind of “Story” are  you  choosing to tell? Is it an  Overwhelming  Tragedy, A Devastating Disaster,  an Heroic Story of Overcoming the Monster, or a Story of Collective Rebirth into a Whole New Earth and Greater, Extraordinary Realities?Truly, it IS up to you and me! What kind of world do we really want to live in? We shall soon SEE.

I am finding that Terra Novans or Citizens of New Earth are navigating life changes as a result of Covid-19 far more optimistically and productively than those who are helplessly engulfed in states of panic, fear, anger and depression. Terra Novans are not only surviving but thriving (in apparently awful circumstances) because they know how to use Timeless Wisdom in the middle of daily life problems. If you would like more information about Timeless Wisdom: The Principles and Practices of New Earth you are invited to call, text, or email Carolyn at (323) 793-4058 and carolyncaswell@ or carolyncaswell8@gmail. com.

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**I wrote this 2 years before Covid-19 entered our collective reality

Carolyn Caswell, MFT, M . Msc., is a licensed psychotherapist (MFT #27072) with masters degrees in Psychology and Metaphysics. She is Director of Terrace Knoll Wisdom & Wellness Center, and a Reiki Master,  providing Free Monthly Meetups and Classes as a community service.

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