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2020 Business July


Dear Readers, 

I hope you are well and taking whatever safety precautions you are directed from Within to take. This month, I would like to introduce you to one of my favorite Mentors, Barbara Marciniak, best-selling author of Bringers of the Dawn, Earth, Family of Light and Path of Empowerment, from which I have excerpted the meditation below. I hope you will read and enjoy!

Meditation of Empowerment

“Your imagination is a priceless and handy tool for developing and exercising your attention toward creating what you want in life. In the imagination, thoughts are real.

As a simple exercise to empower your Being: Imagine that you are comfortably seated on an old stone bench in a lovely, pastoral setting. The sky is brilliant, a deep azure blue; the sun is shining on the far horizon; no one is around, and you feel safe, secure and very happy.

Releasing a sigh of contentment, you close your eyes and relax into the moment, which is yours and yours alone to enjoy in blissful peace. All your cares and concerns are washed from your mind, and you feel fresh and new, like the Earth after a warm summer shower. The rays of the sun greet you like an old, trusted friend, offering soothing warmth that penetrates deep into your body. Your breath is steady and deep, and the delicious scents and sounds of nature tantalize your cells.”

“Listen with your left ear, reaching out far into the surrounding countryside, and then listen with your right ear in the same fashion. Now listen with both ears, finding the special place of acoustical balance in the center of your brain. See the cells of your body busily occupied with absorbing life-enhancing energy from the sun.”

“Now refocus your attention, and enter a single cell to observe more closely what is occurring. Notice how the components of the cell are responding to the natural light, and notice the relationship of space to matter. If there are areas within the cell where the light is not reaching, use a soft piece of gold silk cloth to lovingly wipe the area clean.

When the cell is completely clean, send a message to all of the cells in your body asking them to align and entrain with the cleansing you just performed. Listen carefully for a response to your request. Feel your cells dancing with joy as they fully absorb and bathe in the life-enhancing rays of the sun.

When you can really feel the life-enhancing excitement and vitality of your cells, send heartfelt love into every nook and cranny of your body.  Relax into the rising feeling of love and great appreciation for who you truly are.”

“Now picture the vital life-force energy bursting forth from your body on a cellular level and see it rippling and blending with the energies of the Earth. Imagine that you are carrying this energy and state of awareness wherever you go. Play with this energy and direct it toward the version of reality you would like to experience. Be reasonable and generous with your possibilities, and gift yourself well in your mind.”

“Refocus on your breath, making certain it is still and steady and deep, and feel the warmth of the stone bench upon which you are sitting. Before opening your eyes, focus your attention and your conscious awareness for a few moments just behind your eyelids, feeling the power of the sun penetrating deep within your body. Now take a few long, deep breaths and imagine you have just returned from a wonderful journey. When you open your eyes, notice that the sun is shining with a brilliant new light.”

“You can create a place of power and peace in your mind anytime you choose. Many ancient cultures knew that the rays of the sun were encoded with a language of light that transferred information directly to the mind, influencing and affecting everyone with a subtle stream of Cosmic Intelligence. People knew that mind was a tool to navigate realities.”

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