LAPD foot patrols | Photo KCBS TV

Breaking News: LAPD pushing for Foot Patrol on Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock

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By Laura Brady-Allen

Senior Lead Officer Fernando Ochoa at Veterans Day ceremony honoring him as Grand Marshall representing Eagle Rock in the Veterans Day Parade. | Photo by Bill Hendrickson for the Boulevard Sentinel

Senior Lead Officer Fernando Ochoa approached the CD-14 office in Eagle Rock last week to suggest patrols on foot on Colorado Blvd be added to the LAPD presence in Eagle Rock. 

An LAPD foot patrol has been recently added along Figueroa in Highland Park to increase community engagement and safety.   

Officer Ochoa told the Boulevard Sentinel the following:

“We are just in the preliminary stages of developing a plan with the councilman’s office. We were successful in other areas of the city and want to bring the same concept to Eagle Rock after we tailor it to the needs of the community.

I hope we are successful, I have fielded so many questions about keeping our car in Eagle Rock when trouble hits other parts of the division or city which we all know is hard to do or justify with the violent crime occurring in the division. I hope we are successful. We will be pushing hard.”

Thank you, Officer Ochoa.




2 thoughts on “Breaking News: LAPD pushing for Foot Patrol on Colorado Blvd. in Eagle Rock

  1. Thank you, Officer Ochoa – this is the best news of the LAPD that Eagle Rock has heard in a very long time.

  2. This is great news! As a 30 year ER resident who’s home has been burgalerized 3 times, I fully support officer Ochoa’s efforts as well as those of the LAPD to keep our little city safe for everyone.

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