A dog walker entering Ernest E. Debs Regional Park in Montecito Heights | Photo by Rick Loomis/L.A.Times

Best trails in NELA to walk your dog

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By Mary Lynch

A trail through Northeast Los Angeles has been named one of L.A.’s best urban trails for dogs by the L.A. Times.

Dubbed the Montecito Heights Urban Trail, the walk begins at the southern entrance to the Ernest E. Debs Regional Park, just off Monterey Road in Montecito Heights. From there, it continues into Hermon Park, the southernmost section of the Arroyo Seco, where dog walkers can access the L.A. River Bike Path into South Pasadena. Along the way, the trail takes in two local dog parks.

Morning with the dogs on Sleepy Hollow | Photo by Wendy Newell

A word to the wise:

Another great local spot for dog walking is the Sleepy Hollow trail in the hills above the 134 Freeway, overlooking Eagle Rock and Glendale. To find the trail head, head north on Verdugo Rd, turn right on Glenoaks Blvd. and then right on Sleepy Hollow Dr. For a vigorous up-and-down walk, turn right on the trail to take Valle Vista Fire Road. For a nice stroll, go left toward the Glendale Open Space Reserve.

Some dog walkers say that dogs get bored taking the same walk every day, so switching things up could be good for your pooch — and for you, too.

Here’s the view of Eagle Rock that humans get from Sleepy Hollow:

Photo by T. A. Hendrickson/Boulevard Sentinel


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  1. Excellent subject of interest to all dog owners/lovers. Could there be a dog walker’s anthology of cool dog walking trails in urban areas?

  2. Well, it’s always good to see an article like this with so many mistaken directions and content. That way less people will be walking their dogs without a leash (required in Debs Park) and looking at their cell phone rather then enjoying their surroundings

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