This Spanish Colonial in Eagle Rock sold in January for $2.45 million, the highest price paid that month for a house in NELA.

Before-and-after pictures of a multi-million-dollar flip in Eagle Rock

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By Jeffery Marino

The highest price paid in January for a home in Northeast Los Angeles — $2.45 million — was for a 4-bed, 3.5-bath Spanish Colonial on Wawona St. in Eagle Rock.

The price is all the more remarkable when you consider that the seller paid $905,000 for the house in June 2020, performed a tasteful remodel, and then cashed in on a year’s worth of record-breaking price appreciation.

It would be something to make a million-dollar profit on a ground-up rebuild. In this case, all it took was a facelift, including a redo of the kitchen and bathrooms, replacing the tile roof and putting in a pool.

The home was listed for sale in November 2021 for $1.649 million. It was off the market in just under two weeks — and sold for $801,000 over the asking price.

Check out the rare before-and-after pictures in the slideshow below.

Jeffery Marino
Jeffery is a seasoned data journalist and has covered the California real estate market for over a decade.

5 thoughts on “Before-and-after pictures of a multi-million-dollar flip in Eagle Rock

  1. I went to an open house. It was filled with young buyers. Yes, the house was pristine but had many issues. Two small bedrooms upstairs with barely enough room for a queen bed.A small kitchen. A new bedroom downstairs separated from the bathroom by the stairwell and a “boot room” (in Southern California?) Plus. from the backyard you could see and definitely hear the traffic on the 2/134 interchange (that will only get louder at night.) And big deal for me, with all the renovations, the house had original single-pane, double-hung windows with rope sashes. So after buying this place for nearly $2.5 million one would immediately need to spend $20,000 installing new windows. There has to be some reason why this house sold for over 50% above asking price. I mean for $2.5 million you can buy a house on a ridge in Pasadena with sweeping views of the San Gabriels. And zero freeway noise.

    1. Agree it was in poor state. Went to the open house back in May 2020 prior to the flip. Clearly needed significant structural work. Basement is practically unusable. Also agree with the other comment. It’s LA not SGV.

  2. Wrong valley. The San Fernando Valley is LA. Not Pasadena or the San Gabriel Valley

    1. No one is debating which valley is in LA geographically. Unfortunately SFV thinks it’s LA culturally.

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