Become a Member of the ERNC Board

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If you have a desire to understand how our City Government works, and to be a voice for your community, then the Eagle Rock Neighborhood Council is the place for you.  The mission of the ERNC is to assure effective Stakeholder participation and interaction with our Council District and City Government on issues that affect our community.  We strive to support our community, to bring services and projects to our area, and to communicate our position on policy throughout the City of Los Angeles in accordance with the Los Angeles City Charter.  The ERNC meets once a month on the first Tuesday of every month.  We currently have two positions open on the Board.

Arts Director

The Art Director Communicates with and represents Eagle Rock’s vibrant arts community, including public art, architecture, music, theater and fine arts. The Art Director acts as a liaison to the Center for the Arts and Eagle Rock’s commercial galleries, and seeks opportunities to include art of all kinds in Eagle Rock’s built environment and public life. 

Sub District 3 Director

The Sub District 3 Director liaisons between Stakeholders in Sub District 3 and the ERNC Board, Directors are responsible for contacting Stakeholders; holding periodic Stakeholder meetings; proposing and implementing projects in their Sub Districts based on community input; responding to Stakeholder concerns; and obtaining feedback from Stakeholders on items the Board is considering.  

Any Stakeholder can apply for either position.  Generally, a Stakeholder is anyone who lives or works in the community of Eagle Rock.  Applications are due on September 6 at 3pm.  You must also attend the ERNC Board Meeting on September 6 at 7pm where the Board will consider and vote on your application.  You can find an application here: ERNC Board Application.  If you have any questions, please send an email to