Franklin High Bomb Threat Was a Hoax; Principal Says, “Safety Is Our Priority”

2018 Editions November Updates

A bomb threat on Oct. 15 that prompted a lockdown and police sweep of Franklin High School in Highland Park was a hoax. The caller also said that an officer had been shot at the school. No evidence was found of any bomb or any shooting.

The major crimes division of the Los Angeles Police Department is handling the case and has determined that the caller made the threatening phone call from out of state.

Regina Marquez-Martinez, the principal at Franklin, told the Boulevard Sentinel that “students and staff responded as we have trained to do,” adding that the “LAPD and School Police did a wonderful job” ensuring the campus was safe.

  “Everyone knew their role and executed it well,” she said.

After the scare, students and staff were encouraged to speak with the on-campus psychiatric social worker if they felt they needed help to cope with fear, anxiety or other feelings connected to the event. The L.A Unified School District also offered the school more help if needed. But in the days following the scare, none of the staff or student body sought out counseling or was referred to counseling, said Ms. Marquez-Martinez.