Heading North on Eagle Rock Blvd. | Photo by Bill Hendrickson

$16 Million Coming to Rock the [Eagle Rock] Boulevard

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By K. D. Dunleavy

Rock the Boulevard, a community driven project to upgrade Eagle Rock Boulevard, has been awarded $16 million from Metro.

Thanks for the award go to Councilmember José Huizar and his staff at Council District 14, who identified and applied for the money earlier this year after Eagle Rock lost out on a big Cal Trans grant to pay for the project. The $16 million is from Measure R Highway Capital funds and state, regional and federal sources.

The plan for Rock the Boulevard is to improve the thoroughfare for pedestrians, bicyclists and automobiles. Proposed improvements include new traffic lights, an additional crosswalk, curb extensions, pedestrian lighting and protected bike lanes.

It will now be up to Metro staff to review the plan in greater detail and determine the schedule and estimated cost. More details will be available in the next few months.

A spokesperson for CD 14 told the Boulevard Sentinel that the eventual implementation of Rock the Boulevard will be a collaboration between the City’s Bureau of Street Services, CD 14 and the community.




4 thoughts on “$16 Million Coming to Rock the [Eagle Rock] Boulevard

  1. Can this money be used to plant more Gingko trees up the median? That would really help Eagle Rock Blvd catch up to how nice Colorado is.

  2. Protected Bike Lanes will require three feet of surface street lanes on both sides of Eagle Rock Blvd. I’m thinking we can say goodbye to the center median and all of the trees and plants. Were any proposed plans distributed or meeting held to discuss? Is the City planning on turning Eagle Rock Blvd. into another traffic disaster like York Blvd. Road Diets need environmental Impact Studies completed before implementation. We are being railroaded.

  3. Please get rid of all the hideous utility poles. Put them underground and rid us of this visual pollution.That alone would make a gigantic difference.

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