Friday, September 29, 2023

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Real Estate Sales – November 2022

By Jeffery Marino
The houses pictured above sold in November 2022 at or near the median sales price for each neighborhood. To see the most current complete listing of houses sold in every NELA neighborhood click the image above.

Real Estate Roundup

Sponsored Post: All Signs Point to Two Homes on One Lot in Atwater Village

3142 & 3144 Larga Ave | Atwater Village   Duplex | 4 Beds | 2 Baths | $1,299,000   Two homes on one lot make for a nifty find in Atwater Village, earning solid income in a trendy part of town.  Both fully detached, tastefully renovated bungalows have two bedrooms, one bath, generous storage […]


High School Journalists - NELA

NELA High School Journal: Minimalism, simple living, simply living

By Sebastian Ashcraft Minimalism is an art movement founded on the notion that “less is more.” The art created is very simplistic, using the fewest elements. Minimalism as a lifestyle, or simple living, applies the same principle of “less is more” in one’s own life through various practices. “Less,” to the minimalist, is specifically less […]

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